Mary Sue's Legacy


January 27th, 2021

18 mins 42 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Mary Sue Terrasi embodied the pro-life movement so passionately that her efforts and impact still continue — even after her death.

Show notes:

(0:27) Mary Sue Terrasi embodied everything Pope Francis refers to when he talks about “blue jean saints.” We learn about how she and her husband Bill met, and her high-risk pregnancy and Hodgkin’s diagnosis that led to some challenging decisions.

(4:50) We learn of the beautiful twin girls Mary Sue had, and her daughter Elizabeth speaks about Mary Sue’s constant devotion to prayer, morning, noon, and night.

(6:37) Bill reflects on Mary Sue’s career as a geriatric nurse and the copious volunteering she’d also do, specifically with pro-life organizations and senior centers. Their daughter Amy mentions the music therapy-type volunteer work the two would do together, and the joy and spirit Mary Sue brought to senior citizens.

(10:04) Mary Sue’s real passion was for the pro-life movement. Bill and Amy share memories of Mary Sue’s gentle, compassionate outreach to women who were considering or recovering from abortions.

(14:50) After Mary Sue’s death in 2019, Bill decided to start an organization that would uphold her legacy and further her passion. He created the Ius Vitae Mary Sue Terrasi Memorial Fund, a scholarship essay contest for young, pro-life students.