The Boys Bowl

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(00:02) The narrator begins to introduce Catholic Central’s long standing tradition of The Boys Bowl, noting how it’s much more than just a football game.

(01:49) Part one: the history of The Boys Bowl. Catholic Central’s athletic director, Aaron Babicz, simply describes The Boys Bowl as a tradition and shares about the team’s very first opponent out of Nebraska 77 years ago.

(02:06) The narrator describes in greater detail the history and evolution of The Boys Bowl, noting how it has been firmly established as a tradition promoting comradery, frenzied excitement, and blood-deep devotion to cheering on and supporting the team.

(04:03) Part two: Catholic Central today. The narrator elaborates on how the tradition has evolved into a week-long celebration which culminates Catholic Central’s homecoming and of course, the game. Through this celebration, money is raised for varying charities and the students’ efforts are celebrated as a collective effort.

(05:17) Jack Kirkwood, a senior and the drum major at Catholic Central, shares some examples of the frenzied excitement during this week-long celebration and explains why he considers it the most fun time of the year.

(06:15) Senior center for the team, Jason Sod, gives some of the fun activities that take place during The Boys Bowl week.

(07:08) Athletic director Aaron Babicz asserts how Catholic Central seeks to instill rich tradition and strong brotherhood in its students .

(08:07) Part three: game day. Senior center Jason Sod and Senior quarterback Declan Byle share their excitement for The Boys Bowl returning this year after COVID and how they’re feeling on the long awaited game day. Coach Dan Anderson shares how his pep talks are all about remembering the team as a family and fighting adversity together.

(09:58) The game begins and the narrator gives play-by-plays of different Shamrocks team members. The Shamrocks gain their seventh victory in a row, and Catholic Central goes wild. Coach Dan Anderson gives some feedback on how the players did, and athletic director Aaron Babisz shares his love for celebrating educational, faith-based athletics. The narrator reflects on society’s need to invest in something exciting and light-hearted, and that perfect thing is football.