A Monopoly of Love

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Audrey Sutherland left her home, her family, and her job to minister in Atlantic City. Here’s what she learned from her Boardwalk ministry.

Show notes:

(0:16) We meet Audrey Sutherland and learn about her rural upbringing and the culture shock she witnessed when moving to suburban Detroit, and the abrupt decision she made to leave her home and job to move to Atlantic City.

(1:48) A brief overview of the Atlantic City lifestyle, and then Audrey introduces the primary struggle that people in Atlantic City experience: addiction.

(3:54) Audrey reflects on why she moved to Atlantic City and the adventure that is following Jesus. Karen Ervin, former principal of St. Catherine of Siena, talks about Audrey’s love of God and the many ways she ministers to people.

(6:30) Audrey shares about where her mission is located, right in one of the seediest areas of the city, and the grace of having the Blessed Sacrament in an area where it is so needed. She shares what their mission is really about: creating deep relationships with others through a ministry of presence, so that they may come to know the truth of God’s love for them.

(8:35) We learn what an average day in the mission looks like, starting with the breakfast they offer to the homeless twice a week and the street evangelization they do.

(10:15) Though there are a range of support groups available in the city to those in need, many don’t take advantage of them. Audrey shares that part of their mission is to help people recognize that they are worthy of love and they do deserve to get better.

(11:54) Audrey reflects on what she’s learned about Jesus, life, and repentance through her mission work. She tells of a bilingual rosary they held leading up to St. Michael’s feast day, which had a significant impact on the community.

(14:40) Audrey discusses the poverty that exists in Atlantic City — material poverty, yes, but also loneliness and inner poverty. She reflects on the inspiration of Mother Theresa and the changes people can make in the world even just by showing kindness.

(17:27) Audrey considers what’s next for her, coming home to Michigan with no job lined up, and expresses her excitement at just letting the Lord lead her.

(18:17) Karen testifies to Audrey’s missionary spirit and her boldness in answering the call to unleash the Gospel. Audrey reflects on the union we strive for with Christ, and the ways we can create heaven on earth by letting God move in our lives.